Journal  of  New  Medical  Technologies.  eJournal

DOI 10.24411/issn.2075-4094                ISSN 2075-4094
The journal was founded in 1994 in Tula. Electronic version of the journal is released since 2007. The journal is renewal for year.
Periodic distribution form: online publication. The Journal has Registration Certificate of Russian Mass Media Agency - EL FS77-76125 from 03.07.2019 and aproved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation - p. 441 from 31.10.2019. The Journal of New Medical  Technologies is presented in the Russian Science Citation Index, Google Scholar (USA), CyberLeninka.
- Tula State University
- Tula regional public organization for promoting the development of science and technology "Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences"
PUBLISHER: Tula State University.

Khadartsev Aleksandr Agubechirovich – Doctor of Medical Science, prof. (Tula).
Deputy Editor-in-Chief:
Khromushin Viktor Aleksandrovich – Doctor of Biological Sciences, candidate of Technical Sciences (Tula).
Edited by E.V. Dronova.
Editor S.Yu. Svetlova.
Translation I.S. Danilova.
The objective of the journal is to inform about scientific achievements.
The journal aims to familiarize the researchers, teachers, graduate students, public health managers, doctors and pharmacists with achievements in the field of new medical technologies.
Thematic areas: obstetrics and gynecology, internal disease, cardiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, nervous disease, oncology, dentistry, surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care, rheumatology, pulmonology, narcology, gastroenterology, hygiene, epidemiology, public health and health care, human anatomy, pathological anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, clinical laboratory diagnostics, restorative medicine, sports medicine, therapeutic exercise, balneology and physiotherapy. The journal also presents the main directions of activity of the Medical Institute of Tula State University.
Branches of science:
    Medical sciences (14.00.00), the groups:
    clinical medicine (14.01.00);
    preventive medicine (14.02.00);
    bio-medical sciences (14.03.00).
Address of the Editorial office: Tula, Smidovich St., Bld. 12; TulSU, 200028, phone +7 (4872)73-44-73, e-mail: or, website:

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